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Hunters Pointe Farm
1955 E. 226th St., Cicero, Indiana 46034



We invite horses and their human partners to enjoy our quiet, idyllic setting and relaxed family atmosphere.

At HPF, we’re big on “quality over quantity.” That’s why we built just 18 stalls—so you’ll never feel like just a face in an overcrowded arena. Our “boutique” vibe lets every boarder be a big fish in a small pond. 


We firmly believe that abundant turnout on grass—the horse’s natural state—is the key to having a relaxed, healthy, and willing equine partner. So it’s recess whenever weather permits—even overnight!   



We offer an individualized feeding program tailored to your horse’s nutritional needs, with premium homegrown orchard grass and alfalfa hay and Kalm Ultra™ grain. We’re happy to administer any supplements or medication you provide.



Please see our Facilities page for more details on our many amenities and contact us for current monthly boarding rates and availability or to schedule a guided tour. Or simply drop by during our regular business hours.


Veterinary Care

Hunters Pointe Farm has a longstanding relationship with Terry Brandenburg, DVM, as our equine health care provider. Our equine dentist is Lee Follett. For advanced medical or surgical needs, we are within an hour of the Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine in West Lafayette.  



Ann Meier Griffin, AFA-certified journeyman farrier, has provided outstanding hoof care to HPF’s horses for many years.