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Hunters Pointe Farm
1955 E. 226th St., Cicero, Indiana 46034


Hunters Pointe Farm prides itself on teaching students of all ages safe and effective hunter-jumper riding technique that will, if practiced diligently, allow them to compete confidently and competently in the best of company if they so desire. In over 35 years of teaching, riding, and training, we’ve found success in teaching according to individual maturity and ability level to provide a firm foundation on which to build.

 At HPF, we’re big believers in quality over quantity–that’s why you’ll never see more than three riders in any lesson—so we can give you the focused attention you need and deserve. All lessons are taught by adult HPF staff in a safety-focused positive environment on quiet veteran show horses.

Beginner/Intermediate Riders

Beginner (private only) and Intermediate (private or semiprivate) lessons are taught by HPF Staff. We accept students aged 6 years and older. Note: For very young students, HPF staff will assess readiness to ride at the first visit and recommend whether lessons are advisable at that time.

Riders who are emotionally and physically ready will be taught:

ü Proper and effective body position and horse control at the walk, trot, and canter

ü Correct and safe grooming and tacking up

ü Proper tack cleaning and storage techniques

ü Safe horse-handling techniques

ü Safe mounting/dismounting techniques


Advanced Riders

Students who are jumping regularly and/or horse showing ride with Head Trainer Robin Lawrence to learn the advanced techniques required for excellence in the ring.

Robin regularly travels with her students to horse shows locally (Indiana Hunter-Jumper Association, Trader’s Point Hunt Charity Horse Show), regionally (Kentucky Nationals, the Robert Murphy Stables Horse Show, Waterloo, Horse Shows by the Bay, Lake St. Louis, and Wilmington), and nationally (USEF Pony Finals, ASPCA Maclay Medal Finals, Devon, and the Washington International Horse Show). We also hold onsite beginner shows for our newest students.

*Please note that HPF is NOT a special-needs riding facility. However, we’d be happy to recommend a local hippotherapy provider.


Customer Testimonials

–       “I’m in shock–my child has never gotten so much specific feedback and individual attention before!”

–       “Within the first 5 minutes of meeting your knowledgeable teaching staff, I was impressed by the professionalism and high quality of your facility and knew we were in good hands.”

–       “We’re stunned–you make all your procedures and charges so clear, so we always know what to expect! No one has ever told us these things up front before.”

–       “I wish more people at our old barn knew about this place—they have no idea what they’re missing. What a difference!”